The Fruit of the Gift

The “Gift”

God created human with the desire to love and to be loved. And God created human bodies as male and female, to help us to have the image of God’s love, where God loves us and we are loved by God. Therefore, the plan of the Creator is man and woman are destined to be a life-giving “gift”. Because, man’s body makes no sense by itself and so does the woman’s body. John Paul 2 said that God inscribed in our bodies as male and female a language. And the language of the body is “gift” and “self-gift”.

The gift itself is something given to us, not something we take over or we grasp. So, human body is also gifted to each other in the Sacrament of Marriage which later the vow of marriage is re-expressed without words in sexual union. Therefore the sexual union before marriage is not a gift, because his/her body and his/her partner’s body is not freely given yet to each other. Instead of giving “gift” for each other, they grasp the “gift” just like what Eve did in the Garden of Eden.

The fruit as “Gift”

Eve saw the fruit of knowledge of good and bad. She desired it. But she remembered what God, the Yahweh, said not to touch the fruit of knowledge. When God said that they were not to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, it can’t be said that God didn’t want to give them the knowledge of good and evil. God certainly wants us to have the knowledge of what is good and what is evil. But this fruit of knowledge will be given by God Himself to human, instead of human took it by himself. The knowledge of what good and bad is something that we can’t invent by ourselves. We can only receive the knowledge from God, as a gift. Surely, we can’t grasp what is gifted to us.

The new Eve, Mary has redeemed the first Eve’s sin, not by refusing to eat the gift, but by refusing to grasp it. The old Eve doubted whether the gift will be given to her or not, but the new Eve believed and waited on the Lord in her yearning. Both of them desire in their heart the gift.

The Stolen Fruit vs The Given Fruit

Eve gave the stolen fruit to Adam, Eve’s fruit led to death. Mary also gives the given fruit to us, and her fruit flourishes, multiplies into an abundant harvest, and brings life to us. She brought Jesus to the world. The grasped gift led to sin, but the gift which is given to us by God bears fruit, the fruit of peace and joy in our heart.

There is a fear in every woman (and man) during waiting for the pregnancy test after an out-of-wedlock sexual intercourse. Why? Because they are afraid of the fruit of grasped gift: death. But the tears of joy, abundant and inexpressible overflowing happiness come into every heart who was given the fruit by God, the Father.


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