About Me

st. Ursula senior high graduation

Monica is a student. Graduated from St. Ursula senior high school, she continues her study in computer science major in an BiNus (Bina Nusantara) University in Jakarta, Indonesia. She is studying hard for her 4th semester now.

Monica is the only child. Living with her parents and grandparents, she grows and learns about life.

Monica is a youth. Run the extra mile, always busy, try everything, learn everything, curious about everything and keep reflecting her life. Looking for what she really wants in her life, she is preparing her future.

Monica interests in computer science and information technology. She dreams to have good occupations in IT field. She dreams to apply IT in people’s daily life. She dreams to educate people in IT. She dreams IT will be a great helper in helping needy and life-struggling people.

Monica writes. She runs blogs and writes articles for the ministries.

Monica designs. She loves working with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign.

Monica is a Catholic. She fills her life with Sacraments regularly. Eucharist and Adoration to the Blessed-Sacrament are her favorite prayers. St. Francis Assisi, St. Monica, St. Padre Pio, St. Therese Lisieux, Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati and Pope John Paul 2 are her favorite saints.

Monica serves the LORD. She keeps her spiritual life busy with joining some ministries. One of them is joining PDKM(Charismatic Youth Prayer Group) St. Alfonsus, Pademangan in prayer division. She is very interested in John Paul 2’s Theology of the Body(TOB), so she joins the True Love Celebration campaign to spread the message of TOB and change youth’s history. She also mixes her hobbies, designing and writing, to serve GOD.

Monica is a dreamer. She dreams to have a sheep farm. She dreams to be a saint.


9 thoughts on “About Me

    • Hello, sebelumnya anda siapa ya? nama nya siapa?
      angkatan saya hanya saya yang masuk jurusan IT, ada 2 masuk IT-MAT dan 1 masuk DKV dan yang lain saya kurang tahu… total kira2 6 anak sepertinya…
      thanks GBU

  1. Sheep farm…
    I do want to live in rural area while doing research in the future. Maybe we can share the farm? But i dun wanna do the cleaning stuffs 😛

  2. Hi Monica,

    What a beautiful blog you have here! 🙂 I just replied your email with regards to you asking for the books “The Thrill of The Chaste” and “Jesus of Nazareth Vol 2 by Pope Benedict” but the email bounced back saying that there is no such yahoo account.

    We have the first book but the 2nd book we need to order in. Pls contact us and hope to hear from you soon.

    Noah’s Ark Creations Pte Ltd Singapore

  3. Hi Monica–

    I stumbled across your blog tonight…I am an American pastor’s wife in Oregon, and I was touched by your dream to be a saint. May the Lord strengthen you for His good works, and bring you much joy, as you serve Him.

    Your sister in Christ,


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