I am moving this blog to…

Dear friends,

I would like to say thank you for your interest in reading my blog. You know, this blog has been one of my ministries, my personal ministry to share about God through writings. I personally also grow my faith through literatures, through articles and books. So, I do lift up some prayers for this blog and its reader, hoping that there’s can be a single word that could be a light for one’s faith and fire for one’s love to God.

Starting this month, I am moving this blog to my private domain in internet. It is on http://blog.monjc.com. It is a part of my personal web http://monjc.com. And I also separate the articles and reflections about Theology of the Body and its practical application in daily life to http://beauty.monjc.com (just another blog).


new blog (http://blog.monjc.com)

thank you!



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