Mercy vs. Justice

In many situations of life we are in need of making a wise decision. Whether to enforce the justice or to follow the mercy from our heart. So do GOD. He has a very wide-deep-high mercy, but He also has a infinite justice. Seeing His beloved children falls sinning, He should decide whether to put on mercy or justice. And here how God works. But when God works, Satan disrupts His work.


Before human sin

Before we, human, commit a sin, Satan makes us think that God has a deep-wide-high-infinite mercy. So that God could (must) always forgives us. Satan uses God’s mercy to play with us, to tease us to go with the temptation. “God will forgive me if I do this or do that.” Or “God, I know you have a deep mercy on us, forgive me of doing this.”

After human sin

After we did a sin, what do we feel? Well, regret, sadness and guilt. This is good if we feel those ways. But Satan works too here. Now Satan tries to remind us about God’s justice. Justice always talks about ‘reward if you do well’ and ‘punishment if you do badly’. Satan tries to get us away from God with filling our brain with punishment, punishment and punishment for our sins.

Here the Facts

God does have mercy. God does have justice. He uses his justice not after we sin, but before we sin. That’s how we should think. There’s death behind the alluring sin. There’s a punishment behind the sin.

But if we fall and sin, God however still loves us. He hates sin, but He love sinners. No matter how bad we are, we are His children. He could never abandon us, even if we abandon Him. And here, after we sin, God reaches our hands again with His mercy.

God has mercy and justice. His justice and His mercy work in the right time. Remember His justice, get His mercy. Get blessed!

inspired from : Peter Kreeft’s Snakebite Letters


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