A Fan or A Follower of Jesus?

When I was in high school, I have an English male singer idol. I had all his cassettes. I collected every pictures of him. Night and day I spent hours and hours just to browse the internet about him and listened to his songs. Until a time, he started to disappear from entertainment spotlight. I also start to forget about that idol, getting bored and getting too busy with my school stuff. And I realized one thing, I could know everything about him, I could sing every songs of him, but he will never know that he has a big fan as big as me. And what if he starts having his career down? I easily choose to have another new and better idol, right?

That’s if we become a fan of someone or even to be Jesus’ fan. Many Christians are just fans of Jesus, not His followers. When everyone celebrates the Christmas or Easter Mass, the fans are there too to celebrate (they are called Chreaster). But we will never find them with their faithfulness to celebrate the mass in the ordinary weeks. If it feels good (when the fans feel pleased when following Jesus) the fans will stay there. When the Church require some effort of the fans (to serve in the ministry or to make any commitment to the church), the fans easily say that they have no time. They come because they are pleased, and they go when they are not pleased. That’s the fans of Jesus.

So, what does it mean to be a follower? A follower does what ‘the followed’ tells them to do.  I think I will do what my idol told the fans. For example, if the idol suddenly gave an order to each fan to buy 3 copies of the same album. Well, this is a weird example, but anyway I won’t do it. That’s weird and that’s wasting money.

A follower of Jesus is required to take the cross and to be faithful. They are not mere be there when it feels good, but also to do what Christ told us to do even if it’s not pleasant anymore. It requires effort to be Christ’s followers.

But there’ll be no one to be followed beside Jesus. There’s no better idol than Jesus. Jesus knows each of His followers’ names and He will never forget His followers. He even cares much more to His followers. He’s God, He’s omnipotent, He has the ability to love, to care, to look at each of his followers at the same time. He reaches every of His followers. He doesn’t need our praises or our votes. Because He is God and it’s not us who choose Him, but it’s Him who chooses us.

Jesus is the Idol of Idols. An earthly idol needs fans to keep rising his career, but Jesus is not like that. Jesus doesn’t need us to make Him as God. But it’s us who needs Him to be alive. Jesus becomes our idol so that we are alive.

Are you a fan or follower? Have you followed Jesus? Yes, I’m following J I’m taking the cross.


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