‘P.S. I Love You’ Weekend

The Crews

The Crews

My prayer group just had a life in the spirit retreat again. With 40 participants and more than 50 crews, we prepared for the best for almost 4 months.

Believing in God’s Promises

It’s God’s promise that He always be with us in expanding His Kingdom. And it never becomes our own work. How tired we may prepare for this, how much effort we may put in making this happened, we will never work it out without God’s mercy.

We had prepared for 50 participants. But we only found 40 participants who at last joining us. It was a big struggle to find more and more ‘lost lamb’ to bring them back to Jesus. We were a bit sad of the fact that all of us could only get 40 participants for this retreat. But some of us believe that it’s God’s best plan for us, the crews. And it’s true. We may have not so many participants, but we do get high quality participants who are ready to receive God’s love.

Holy Spirit’s Gifts

I learned a lot about Holy Spirit’s Gifts. Not learning it theoretically, but practically growing in Holy Spirit’s Gift. I explored my Spiritual Gifts in this retreat. I learned to listen and to follow the guidance of Holy Spirit.

So do the participants. Mostly they are new to charismatic prayer style and to the Holy Spirit’s Spiritual Gifts. And the Gifts were poured out widely and very profoundly to all of them. So do the Priest who helped us in this retreat. He experienced a very profound and intimate union with the Holy Trinity in the last day Holy Mass. And that does really strengthen our faith, to know, to see and to believe in the Power of Holy Spirit.

It’s widely poured out and unforgettable!

Yes, God’s love melted the strong-hearted ones, God’s love changed all of us and God’s love recharged all of us. We’re experiencing what happened at the Duquesne’s Weekend, the very beginning of charismatic movement in USA University. It’s a real Pentecostal experience. And it’s unforgettable!

Once again, it’s never been our hard work that made this retreat success, but it’s only by God’s love and God’s power that works in us, the crews.

Thanks J, You’re wonderful.


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