Spiritual Alzheimer

Do you know about Alzheimer? It’s one of brain diseases. Some says that it’s senior people’s disease because people with Alzheimer have problems with their memory. In early stage of Alzheimer, people with this disease forget about where they put the key, forget their own phone number or put things in the wrong place. In the moderate stage of Alzheimer, people with this disease forget some words. They lose their ability to communicate well. They also could forget about people around them. They don’t recognize several people and end up with forgetting all people they used to know. The end of this disease is death, not by the Alzheimer itself, but by other disease that easily infect the sufferer.

That’s about physical Alzheimer. And there’s also a spiritual disease that have the same pattern with Alzheimer. The early stage of the sufferers forget (or intentionally miss) their prayer time. This means that the sufferers had already had a good spiritual life, but their spiritual health is dropping down. They forget (or intentionally miss) about their prayer life; they forget about doing good deeds; they forget about God’s Words and God’s law.

And then they lose their ability to communicate well with God. This means that the sufferers used to have a good relation and communication with God. But somehow they forget how to reach and how to talk with God. Deep inside their hearts they want to talk with God. But the intentionally-made habit of leaving God (the early stage) truly has made them forget how to reach God.

Besides forgetting God, they also forget people around them. They forget that there are people who love them. They think that their life is useless. They are wrestling in their hopelessness. They forget that there are a lot of their friends are encouraging them, friends who keep praying for them.

It’s ended up with losing the memory of how good their God is and feelings that no one loves them. Well, it’s ended up with spiritual death. The physical body is there, but the spirit has died. This disease has no name yet, let’s names it spiritual Alzheimer. So, are you infected?

Physical Alzheimer is incurable, but I believe that spiritual Alzheimer has the cure. We can’t find the cure anywhere else beside in ourselves. Yes, we have the cure. The cure is opening our heart to God’s mercy. And let God heals our spiritual Alzheimer with His perfect love.


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