Nice, But Not Important

Nice, but not important. I found this sentence in a gadget review section of a computer magazine. The technical score of the new gadget is wonderful. But still, it has no any important value for us to exchange it with our old one. Yeah, technology is always pulling our eyes to the this gadget and that gadget. We keep making new high score for the highest price of the gadget we ever buy. And as the never ending story of new technology appears, our gadget never be the newest one.

As a Computer Science student, I must always be up to date to any newest technology. And having a  middle economical level family, I have to postpone everything and think more than twice. Second thought, third thought, fourth thought, I end up with those words again: ‘Nice, But Not Important.’ It’s not a heart-breaking answer, but it tends to be a fundamental answer to our needs.

What do I need the most in this life? God or gadgets? Lately the image of gadgets have been made into a bad image. They said that gadgets succeed to turn people’s heart from God into the gadgets. I am agree with that. Some people make a defense like this: with gadgets we’re more connected to the Words of God. We get more Bible quotes, Bible reflection, spiritual readings, etc. I also agree with that.

But there’s one thing we missed: the silence and the quality time with God. Retweeting Bible quotes doesn’t mean that you could get the Words of God into your heart. Giving a thumb into an article might help us a bit in our spiritual life. But believe me, it only works at 1 from 10 articles we read.

So, let’s find the most important One. Let’s put our heart and need on the most important One. Nice one could be important. But important One has always been nice. Our God is nice, right? Amen.


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