Beatification of John Paul 2

John Paul 2

my most favorite John Paul 2 picture

On May 1st 2011, John Paul 2 will become a ‘Blessed’. Blessed or Beato is a title given before a servant of God canonized as ‘Saint’. The world has been waiting for this and the world is definitely excited for this!

The Canonization Cause (Beatification)

John Paul 2 was a Pope. But he is not processed (beatification process) because of his papacy. He is processed because of his holiness. His canonical process is considered as instant. Several days after his dead (April 2nd 2005), the Cause of Beatification was raised. And the next 4 years (2009) of investigation of his sainthood has collected so many causes that said that he is a saint.

Then, a healing miracle started his beatification causes in 2011. Sister Marie-Simon-Pierre, a member of Little Sister of the Catholic Motherhood, believed that she was cured after praying through the intercession of John Paul 2. One miracle brings him into his beatification. Actually, besides this miracle healing, there are a lot of miracles believed is prayed through the intercession of John Paul 2.

His heroic virtue, his thought, his daily life, everything was investigated. Everyone who knew him or John Paul 2 knew was also interviewed. The CCS (Congregation of the Causes of Saints) interviewed 114 people to gain information about this servant of God’s sainthood (35 Cardinals, 20 Bishops, 11 Priests, 5 Religious, 3 Nuns, 36 Laymen, 3 non-Catholics and 1 Jewish). Each one answers 129 question about John Paul 2.

It’s declared on January 14th 2011 that Pope Benedict XVI will canonize his predecessor on May 1st 2011. And John Paul 2’s feast day will be on October 22nd. It’s on his papal inauguration day. Saints’ feast day mostly is on his/her dead date (the day he/she entered heaven), but in John Paul 2 case, April 2nd is not chosen. Perhaps it mostly falls on Lent season.

Fun Facts

  • John Paul 2

    John Paul 2

    His childhood name was ‘Lolek’, a Polish form of Karol (Charles).

  • Karol Wojtyla was an actor in his youth. He also worked in quarry and chemical factory to earn for living.
  • Karol’s mother died when he was 9 years old, his brother when he was 12 years old and his father when he was 21 years old.
  • He entered seminary when he was 22 years old. ‘Come, follow Me!’ was the word that young Karol felt in his heart that called him to be a Priest.
  • Karol Wojtyla participated in the Second Vatican Council, especially in the constitution Gaudium Et Spes.
  •  “Do not be afraid!” was the first words that John Paul 2 said on the day he inaugurated his papacy on October 22nd 1978. John Paul 2 Beatification’s theme song is titled ‘Be Not Afraid’ (Check it out here :
  • John Paul 2 was also the Pope that canonized and beatified most saints and blessed during his pontificate. He canonized 482 Saints and beatified 1,338 Blesseds with 51 canonization ceremonies and 147 beatification ceremonies. (Check it out here:
  • Promulgation of the Decree on heroic virtues made him ‘Venerable John Paul 2’ on December 19th 2009. (Check out the complete timeline here:
  • John Paul 2’s documents: 14 encyclicals, 15 apostolic exhortations, 11 apostolic constitution and 45 apostolic letters.
  • He was known as the ‘The Pope for Youth’. He started the World Youth Day event for Catholic youth all around the world.
  • John Paul 2 had a devotion to the Divine Mercy, which was delivered by St. Faustina, a saint who was canonized by John Paul 2
  • He kissed the land in every country he visited. He visited 129 countries.
  • He had 129 audiences on TOB-Theology of the Body in 1979 – 1984 (What is TOB? See here :
  • His Cause of Canonization was raised several days after his dead. Normally it takes 5 years. The Church gave dispensation.
  • John Paul 2’s relics : a vial of blood  of him (first class relic) and chalice used by John Paul 2 (second class relic)
  • John Paul 2’s coffin will be moved to Basilica near the Pieta after beatification
  • John Paul 2 Beatification Mass text :
  • Benedict XVI’s homily on John Paul 2 Beatification :

John Paul 2 and me

I was born during his papacy. I became Catholic during his papacy too. But I used to put not much care about the Pope. Well, my first Christian community wasn’t the Catholic one. I had no Catholic faith that time. I didn’t care about my parish priest and of course I didn’t care about the Pope who lived far away from me. Maybe I didn’t know how John Paul 2 looked like at that time. Even when Pope John Paul 2 died, I put not much care. I really didn’t know anything about him. Then the new Pope came, Pope Benedict XVI. And years later I start growing my Catholic faith and become a real Catholic.

Having read many Catholic books and teachings, I arrived at a new revolutionary teaching which is known as the Theology of the Body (TOB). TOB talks about human’s existence, human’s body and sexuality, relationship with others and GOD, the meaning of true love and God’s love to us. TOB teaching has answered my questions about life and its meaning. It’s just what I have been looking for. TOB gives new insight and new direction of my life. TOB also helps me to understanding my sexuality and how I should live with my sexuality on my body. TOB repairs me. TOB just heals the unseen and unknown wounds not just in mine, but also in world’s heart.

And this TOB was presented to this world by John Paul 2 during his papacy. TOB was his reflection on world’s condition. He was helping me to answer my questions while I was against him. How I really love him now. How I really thank him and admire him.  A bit regret glances in my heart, I wish I knew and respected you when you were alive, Pope John Paul 2. I’m sorry and I thank you!

Well, the most important that now I’m celebrating with the world for his beatification. And this is my most favorite quote from John Paul 2:

John Paul 2

“The Eucharist is the secret of my day. It gives strength and meaning to all my activities of service to the Church and to the whole world. Let Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament speak to your hearts. It is He who is the true answer of life that you seek. He stays here with us: He is God with us. Seek Him without tiring, welcome Him without reserve, love Him without interruption: today, tomorrow, forever.”

Pope John Paul II on L’Osservatore Romano (Pope’s newspaper)

Special article offered to the coolest vicar of Chirst,

Blessed John Paul 2,

we love you!

On John Paul 2 beatification day.

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