Monica writes

They said that I’m good in writing. Actually, I never feel that I’m good in writing.

I started writing from… from… *checking the note book* from 2006!? I was in my third grade junior high.  The first time I started writing (article, diary and blog) was only rewrite the teachings from the prayer group. My note was only about a page of small size book. I wrote down all inspiring and good point of the talks. I write down any new experiences I have in GOD. I wrote down what GOD said to me in my prayers.

Legacy in Writing

Well, I found this very interesting. In the beginning of my book (I started writing on book, not on computer), I wrote: ‘God told me to write on this book. This book will contain all my feelings, message and new things I got from Him. I’ll keep this book forever and I will read this book again. Today’s Monica will make future’s Monica, who will read this, realizes that she had been blessed from long time ago.‘ It’s called legacy, to leave something from the past to be consumed, to be used in the future.

By the way, I had a writing workshop with Domus Cordis today. Father Deshi guides us in the workshop. He also talked about making legacy. To make a legacy, we could write. Writings will always be alive even when the writer has died. I never heard this idea of legacy on writings, but I think my very first motive to write all the notes on that book was to make a legacy.

My Kind of Writings

On 2008, I start blogging. I write longer articles. My motivation was to share all experiences and ideas I have. I do want to share to others, but I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t preach, I’m too shy. Well, I only could write. I could share without showing myself. I started writing with rewrite the articles and books I have read. I sent my articles to friends, then to mailing lists. Some respond to my article. Some said it’s what they are looking for to know, but some said my idea is wrong. A lot just read without leaving any comments, a few leave supporting comments and criticizing comments. And I found some quoted from my article and make link to my articles.

Having read my articles again, I found that I had good articles. Stunning articles which make me ask how I could write like that. And I also found bad articles that not worthy to be shared, like stupid ideas, wrong views, cocky articles.

I also join in writing competition when I was in high school. But I never win anything.

Gift of Writing?

My friends started telling me that I have a writing gift. I guess I don’t have it, I thought that they are just too exaggerating about it. I just write down my thoughts, it’s an easy thing that everyone could do it. But they said not everyone could.  Therefore, I’m in a search whether this is really my gift or just my ability. But I start praying to ask for this gift. If this is the only thing I could do, may GOD works through my writings.

Therefore, I get more serious in writing articles. I refine my writing skill. I start paying attention to the language class in my study. I rewrite books into articles. With rewriting the information I read, I do brainstorming. That makes me understand the book more. That also helps people to understand that topic easier because I rewrite it into easy-to-read form. I also write in my parish bulletin. My mom read an article in the parish bulletin and she said it’s a good article, but she doesn’t know that I wrote that.

Writing == Sharing

Hmmm, I don’t love writing as much as my friends think I do. What I love is to share. It could be through my writings. But I do feel the fun, the interesting part of writing and rereading my own articles and the eagerness to write more. The eagerness comes when I found a good idea and when people said that they do want to know more from certain topic.

Sometimes, when friends come to me with questions, I answer them with links to an article in my blog. I could also share my feelings, my ideas and my experiences to many friends with just writing it once.

Am I called to write? Am I called to be a writer? Will I publish a book? I never thought about these before, even when I have started to write. But I think, I will write forever. Besides writing computer programs as my profession, I want to keep on writing. Writing has been my service to the Lord. You know, I think I’m the only person who prays for my blog readers.

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