What is your dream?

Sometimes we pray, “God, show me Your way. What must I do for my future? What should I dream? Which road must I choose?

God is a loving Father. He created us human as His image, not His robot. God was pleased with us (see Genesis) and He always delights in us, His creation. He gives us free will, to do what we want, even the free will not to choose Him. And in every creation, in every human, God has planted His mission in us, which becomes our mission to make this world a better place.

Then, what mission God has in me?” God’s mission for us absolutely is close to the deepest meaning and purpose of human life: to love. If in the mission we’re not doing love, we have to ask whether it is a mission from God or not. And if it’s to love, our love must be shared to others. Our mission is not only for us, but for others.

God doesn’t create robot. He never give a single-choice option. He never sets a track for us to go and if we run out of track than we are wrong. No!

single path

He provides multiple-choice option for us to choose. We can choose freely whether we will go to the left or to the right, as long as we’re still on His path of righteousness, coz He will always be with us.

multiple path

So, dare to dream! Search in your heart what do you like to do. What desire has God put in your heart?  What kind of activities do you want to do and you won’t get bored of it? What impact can you give to this world? If the word ‘world’ is too big for you, replace the question with what impact can you give to people you love or to certain people? In what activities or what field does your heart beat faster (get excited) when you’re doing it?

Know your dream! Ask your heart!


One thought on “What is your dream?

  1. Just exactly what I’ve been looking for.. I am that type of man who dream a lot. I always pursue that dream, but when I reach a comfortable position, I stopped, and start something new. So, I never reached the top, Just like “campers” personality (in our CB1 class).

    A few days back I’ve been thinking of one dream to focus on. I want to leave the rest, and climb on one purpose, one dream. 🙂

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