Battle for purity

Human is sexual being. Sexuality is not just about having sexual activities or sexual intercourse. But sexuality is about us. Sexuality is about our identity as human. Sexuality is given from God. Sex is planted in out body and it becomes the language of our body. From our sexuality, there comes desire. Desire silently utters our needs to love and to be loved. Desire also comes from God. Therefore sex and desire are something good.

But from the fact that human is sexual being, many people misinterpret his or her body language. There is not few people falls into sexual distortion or sexual addiction. They direct every desire that comes into the way which feels good for themselves. The language of our sexuality is uttered wrong when we don’t use them as God’s purpose on our sexuality.

Battle for purity is the battle which we try to speak the language of our body in the same way God defines our sexuality. It is about directing our desire into the way which is according to God’s purpose on our sexuality. The pure heart,  pure desire and pure mind won’t come easily and without a process. Battle for purity is a daily battle and daily calling. Battle for purity is about raising up again when we fall. It is about taking step to back to God with our sins and humbly let Him clears our sins.

In this battle, we must admit our weaknesses. We must open our heart and ask God to transform it. We fight the unchaste temptation. We keep the chastity, modesty and pure lifestyle. We love in pure way, we think in pure way and we do pure actions. We guard our heart from being sinned. We take the cross and deny ourselves (self-denying of having sexual activities for our own pleasure, not to ignore the desire but to direct it to a holy way). Therefore, chastity and modesty should be our lifestyle.

There are several ways that help us to win this Battle for purity:

1. Maintain prayer lifestyle

Prayer life is not about how long we pray. Pray should be our lifestyle. Communicate with God is not only for several minutes or hours, but it should be done in every second, minute and hour of our day.

When we pray, we start a relationship with God. When we are closed to God, it will be easier to win our every day battle. Remember, the power to win this battle is not from us, but from God. We’re too weak without God’s Grace. And God will always give His Grace to those who need and ask from Him.

2. Eucharist and Confession

Daily Eucharist is highly recommended. In the Eucharist itself, we are united with God. There are plenty Graces that God give to us in every communion. We can ask the Grace to have a pure heart, pure mind and pure desire in every Eucharist. Just like the transformation from the bread and wine into Jesus’ Blood and Body, God could transform our sinful mind, evil heart and unpure desire into the mind, heart and desire like the saints have. Eucharist is the school where the saint learned.

If we have had the Eucharist regularly but it seems nothing change from us, the key is in confession. The daily Eucharist will give more impact if we also have confession as complement. Take an examination of conscience before confessing your sin. It is better for you not to confess than to confess without preparation and examination.

3. Read articles, books, web

As supplement we can read articles, books and web. From the sources we may know that we’re not alone in this battle. We can have others’ experiences to fight for purity which can be an inspiration and motivation for us to keep struggling.

God calls us to join this battle. This battle is not a single player game. It’s a multiplayer because God will fight with us. So, are you joining? The battle is on!


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