Preparing Future

Lately, I’ve been busy with thinking about my major streams. I’m now on 3rd semester. And on 4th semester, we will decide which streams we wanna take for the following semester.

There are 8 streams in my Computer Science major. I’m kinda interested in AI, Oracle and mobile. I’ve been busy googling for some information about the career and jobs on each stream.

I’ve also been confused in making decision whether I have to take a certification course or not. There are many certification in CS. Cisco and SAP certification available in my university. I decide to take Cisco Certification class for this year. I’m gonna study Cisco from this March 2011 until February 2012. (Schedule has been fully booked till 2012!)

The future of CS major is very wide that it makes me confused.

But yesterday, I attended 2 seminars about SAP and Cisco. But the seminars are not only about the main material, but the speakers also introduce us about working in IT career. They shared their knowledge in IT career. The speakers are directors and big bosses of several IT corporation and expertise in their own fields.

One thing I got that answers my question is I have to know what my passion is. My passion is in IT (computer/computer science). I love doing things in computer and make something with computer. I love algorithm and I love to study more about CS. But, there is a but. IT or CS is very wide. I need to get more specific in my passion too.

To know what specific IT passion I have, I need to try all. I mean, I need to study all stream first, all  things that done in CS. So, I start it with taking Cisco Certification Network Academy (CCNA), the very basic level of Cisco.

Then, I have to choose what stream I like for the 5th semester. There is a help. In 4th semester, we gonna study or try all streaming. Forth semester’s lessons are about each stream.


It’s still long way to go, m0n. I think, I gotta stop thinking on choosing future path first. Because I’m gonna have my Final exam soon. Let’s study for this 3rd semester. I wanna get A again in all courses.

One thing, I know for sure, GOD will always bless me in every path I choose. And HE has prepared a brilliant and wonderful future. And to get there, to know my passion too, to decide rightly, I need to be close to GOD. I need to listen to HIS voice helping me through this. And pray first before making decision.


One thought on “Preparing Future

  1. hooo, it’s your turn now… 😀
    When i were at my 4th semester, i decided to take AI major as my main stream.

    First, my passion is algorithm, yet another stream like SE, Cisco, Networking, Oracle, Database, couldn’t give something new in Algorithm. Projects in SE mostly are boring, too many drawing diagrams before making any software. And i don’t like to draw any diagrams. 🙂
    Second, I couldn’t choose multimedia as my main stream because my lack of passion in drawing, designing, etc.

    So, i think a while about AI, and think that AI will give me new algorithms in AI fields, like algorithms in Computer Vision, Neural network, etc. Because of that, i choose AI ! 😀

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