Happy New Year! It’s 2011.

I would like to thanks GOD for His blessing through last year.

  • Thanks for my family, thanks for the time we shared together, thanks for my parents guidance and living they gave
  • Thanks for the love You give every single day, thanks for the Sacraments I’ve grown in
  • Thanks for my community, PDKM St. Alfonsus, thanks for the retreat too
  • Thanks for the retreat at Lembah Karmel and also the Christmas at Karmel
  • Thanks for my Computer Science study, thanks for the university life, thanks for the good GPA, thanks for the scholarship, thanks for the ICPC (programming competition)
  • Thanks for this Portege (my new laptop)
  • Thanks for the trips to Bali, Singapore and Guangzhou
  • Thanks for the money I earned through teaching lessons
  • Thanks for new friends I meet this year
  • Thanks for the TLC (True Love Celebration) events and the TOB(Theology of the Body) insight through books and readings I read
  • Thanks for the inspiration so that I could wrote articles for this blog
  • Thanks for the joy and tears, for Your grace, help, protection and each day’s blessings.
  • Thanks for the days, I know, I spent it all with You

No reason for me not to give thanks to GOD and my parents for the blessing through things and services I got.

I can’t mention a date which makes me really happy or a big/special day for me in this year. This year has passed so fast. Every single day was great and full of grace.

So do 2011. Life goes on.

I never know what will happen next. But I do still want to put every hope only at GOD’s mercy and GOD’s grace. Not like the years ago, I don’t have any specific target for 2011. I just want to pray the same prayer which I had been taught since I was in first grade of school.

Our Father, Who is in heaven,


Holy is Your Name;

May Your Name be glorified through me

Your kingdom come,

May Your Kingdom come into my life

Your will be done,

Do what You want in me,Father

on earth as it is in heaven.

May every single day I live Heaven on earth

Give us this day our daily bread,

And please fulfill my spiritual and physical needs

and forgive us our sins,

Remind me that You love me perfectly though I’m a bad sinner

as we forgive those who sin against us;

And may I love others as I love myself

and lead us not into temptation,

Send me Your holiness graces, I need it!

but deliver us from evil.

Remind me that Your power is stronger than satan’s tricks


And I will pray with the Madonna too. May she helps me to gain holiness each day.

Welcome 2011 in my life. 365 days of you gonna be blesssed days!


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