Communion of Saints

In the Creed we mention about the Communion of the Saints. Who are the members of that communion? The members of that communion are the Saints in Heaven, the souls in Purgatory, and us! That’s why we celebrate the All Saints Day and the All Souls Day. There is connection, or connected network between us, the Catholic, and the souls (in Heaven or Purgatory). This communion may be separated by place, some in Heaven, some in Purgatory and some still roam in this earth. But, all members of this communion, wherever they are now, are heading to the final destination where the happiness is there, where every member meets their Destination of Life in a place called Heaven.

Every Christian is walking to Heaven. Some already there, they are the Saints. The saints are ordinary people. They are just like us, human on earth before they went to Heaven. They were the faith fighter when they lived on earth. They struggled, they wrestled against the evil and all the temptation for being sinned. Until one day, Christ the Savior come and brought them to His House and lived happily ever after. Then, what do they do in Heaven? They watch us from heaven, they watch us struggling and wrestling against the evil. And they not just watching us, they pray for us 24/7, nonstop! Why they pray for us? Because they were in our position, they know how hard this life is! And they want us to win, to defeat the evil and to reach the winner crown like theirs. That’s why we also could ask prayers through the intercession of the Saints. They definitely go to Jesus and tell Him our prayer.

And it’s just like the business, the more people you know, the easier you’ll win the business. The more saints you ask, the more prayer arrived in Jesus’ inbox. And the more saints you know, the more saints you prayed to, the more channel you got in Heaven, right? As a help, let’s imagine, in the last judgment GOD says, “You go to hell!”, but several saints come up and give an objection, one saint says, “I know him, Jesus. He often prayed through me.” And the other saints say, “Yeah, we know him too.” God definitely will reconsider His decision for refusing us to go to Heaven. God listens to the Saints, they are His besties. They are together with Jesus every single second in Heaven. They are God’s friends. That’s why we have to build the spiritual network with them, especially with our Patrons.

That’s what my parish Priest told us in the All Saints Day Mass, my favorite feast. All saints day for me personally is the renewal day. All saints day is a day where I am reminded again that I am (and also all of us) called to be a saint. And it’s not just my desire to be a saint. But also the Saints in Heaven and of course Jesus’. This is my imagination: every single day, the Saints in Heaven are shouting at me, are yelling at me, “Monica! Don’t give up! Fight the temptation! Rise again when you fall! You can do it just like us!”

When we arrive in Heaven, Jesus will bring us to meet the Saints. The crowd of Saints will be waiting in the front gate. The crowd will cheer when they see us, just like the football crowd cheers to see the champion. Every saint will shake our hands and welcome us. We will meet the great saints face to face. I dream to meet my patrons, St. Francis Assisi and St. Monica. I dream to meet the lame but cool, St. Ignatius Loyola. I dream to meet the handsome, Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati. I dream to meet the flying saint, St. Joseph Cupertino. I dream to meet the humble prayer, St. Therese Lisieux. I dream to meet the ‘geek’, St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquino (I want to ask them why they can be that smart!). I dream to meet the bible geek, St. Hieronymus. I dream to meet my high school Patron, St. Ursula. I dream to ask a signature sign in the book ‘The Way’ by its author, St. Josemaria Escriva. I dream to meet Padre Pio, my favorite saint. And many more!!!

Having this Communion is making me glad and very proud to be a Catholic. “This communion is really the coolest thing You give us, Lord”, I pray to God, “thank you Lord for them.”

Listen! The saints might say, “We are waiting for you here. Keep faith and be strong! We will always pray for you.”

On all saints day 2010. Wait for me, Saints!


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