I wonder why. Why most people who read my article give a good respond. They keep saying that my writing is good. Although, I think that the article is a usual article, but still they say that it’s a very good article.

Is this what is called with Holy Spirit’s Gift? The gift to write. I never ask this from GOD. When I wrote a religious article, I prayed, realizing that I’m spreading GOD’s good news. But I never ask for the gift to write. I never dream to be writer.

But lately, after knowing that this might be GOD’s gift to me, I pray. I pray and ask for the gift of writing, because they ask me to write a lot. I believe if the Holy Spirit’s gift works in me, the effect will be much greater to my readers. I often pray to my blog readers. And to my articles, may they become a good news and new faith-knowledge for the readers.

Yeah, I wonder why I am given this gift to write.

But I remember to a lecture video I watch, the lecturer said that programmers write, they write code, just like writing article. Hm… I start thinking… I’m pursuing my study as a computer programmer. My days are filled with writing codes. It’s just like writing codes and writing articles has a connection between them. Is this what I meant to be, a writer?

Writing codes and writing articles are just the same for me. Both need perseverance, a happy heart, a thinking brain, and the passion to write. The laziness is always there. But after done writing an article or a code, it truly feels great! I like my writings, and sometimes i wonder how I could write a good article too.

So, I know, I have lots of homework: to write articles again for my church, and write some codes to solve some algorithm problems!

Praise the Lord!


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