Tight Life

This is my school schedule on this 3rd semester: 9am-7pm on Monday, 9am-5pm on Tuesday to Thursday, 7am-3pm on Friday (11 shifts for courses + 4 shifts for ACM training + 4 shifts for teaching Java Programming). And Saturday for the badminton, working day and Church’s events day. And Sunday for Mass time + team’s prayer meeting, and do some homework or code again. 24/7 non-stop activities.

I sleep 5 hours daily. I usually sleep around 12, and wake up at 5am for morning Mass. Or sometimes, I sleep at 7pm and wake up at 11 then bed again from 3am to 5am. I have to meet my minimum 5 hours of bed-time, otherwise I won’t be woken up. If I have time, I will back to bed after Mass, 15 minutes bed to 1 hour bed might help. And several minutes bed on car or event on motorcycle.

I love spending my 9 pm to 12pm’s hours to be in front of computer. I write. I write articles and sometimes I write codes. This is my effective time to code and to write article, though my head is always spinning and dizzy.

On Monday to Friday I eat twice a day, sometimes three times a day. But the ATP(Adenosine Triphosphate) I spend on brain sport is more than the ATP I consume. So, first 5 days of week I am on unintentionally-diet, but on the rest 2 days, are the intentionally eating-without-counting-calories-day.

I don’t want to complain about my tight schedule, because first, I want it. I put myself on the extra activities which almost kill me: ACM training and teaching Java Programming. Second, I can have my daily Mass. On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday I can have morning Mass. I can have 4 Mass in a week plus Sunday Mass. Plus, I can join my church’s Prayer Meeting every Wednesday 7-10pm. I ask it from God. I said, give me any schedule and I won’t complain, but please let me have morning Mass and Prayer Meeting!

This is just the beginning of my ‘happy-tight- killing- extra ordinary-run the extra miles’ 3rd semester. And I think my 4th semester schedule will be as ‘happy-tight- killing- extra ordinary-run the extra miles’ as this.


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