Retreat : New Me In You

Here is another retreat. Becoming the committee for a retreat is nice. I served as the coordinator of Prayer Division, but I want to say that it is a Prayer and Liturgy Division. Cause we took responsibility of the Mass also.

A retreat, hm…  Of course that’s God’s works, so, as the committee we no need to be worry at all, coz it’s God’s works. One thing I learn about being this retreat’s committee is: be consistent to your prayer. Oh yes, I asked God to do His will on this retreat, therefore, almost all the plan I planned was useless. On one side that’s really confusing me, but on the other side, oh this is what GOD wants, He works!

Being a prayer division also means to pray. We need a very hard prayer. In our retreat there’s an Adoration room, where the Blessed Sacrament was prayed and worshipped. And for me the main course of a retreat was to spend time in the Adoration room, that’s a retreat, for me personally. Time I spent inside the Adoration room is the best-time-ever-spent, better than any celebration or any deep worship they do outside the Adoration room. Coz there was Jesus and we directly saw Him in the Blessed Sacrament. That’s why I always put in my mind that the Prayer and Liturgy Division was the best Division in this retreat. And I won’t work in any other division. In this division is my calling and my passion.

I also learnt how to prepare for a Mass, what we need for the Mass. That’s confusing me sometimes. I always worried during the Mass, I was afraid if there’s anything forgotten. But thanks GOD the Priests were very kind, they could understand for some mistakes and lack of preparation I did for preparing the Mass.

Not being the group’s head made me to know less new friend. I’m a loner, but to make friend in Christ is an important thing.

The most important thing of a retreat is not how many people got rested in the spirit or how many people got the tongue language, but how their life could change and how they life could bear some fruit for this world, for their families. And that’s also God’s work. We prayed that each of them might have an opened-heart and we prayed that Jesus may work and pour His Graces on them.

To sum up, a definition of a retreat is God’s works.


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