Who never wish that there is an undo button in our life? I did. Sometimes we made mistake, we chose wrong decision and we wrote bad article in our life book. What we do next was hoping that it can be undone. Unfortunately, no undo button in real life. What we can do next (in reality) is to face the truth.

But wait, we have 2 ways to choose after making big mistake in our life or our past. First is to bury the dark past in our heart. Second way is to face it, to change it, to clear the mistake. Burying our past and mistake is not a healthy thing to do. What we do is actually not cleaning the dirt, but to put the dirt deeper so that we don’t see it anymore. But it’s still there.

Our bad memories with our friends/parents/siblings, our painful moment with our best friend/boyfriend/girlfriend, our stupid decision in earlier time, our failure in the past, all of them need to be clean from the negative experience. What we can do is to offer them to Christ, for He has redeemed our life, our body, our past and our sinful life.

Take a step; forgive people in your past that hurt you. Apologize for your sin. Yeah, only with forgiving yourself, forgiving the hurt-maker, and confessing our sins, it’s just like the undo button.


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