3D eyeglasses

It was my first 3D movie, Avatar. We need to wear special glasses so that we could enjoy the special effect made. The 3D ads have a tag line: believe in your eyes. Yeah, I was really amazed to watch the movie in 3D. It looked like real! I took off the eyeglasses and put it on again several times, to compare the 3D-ed one and without the 3D eyeglasses. I was just amazed and believed in what I saw. The movie without the special glasses is just 2D, but when we wear the 3D glasses, the movie is more vivid, it’s more than usual movie. The characters were just moving right in front of me. I was really got into the movie.

GOD is like a 3D movie. He is real. He is alive. But sometimes the religious subject we got in our school made us thought that GOD is just like a story. We do go to church, but it’s just like watching drama. These could happen because we forget to put the 3D glasses on. When we put the 3D glasses on to understand GOD, He could send us some Grace that enables us to agree that He is a living GOD, no more a history or just a school subject. Even more, we could have a life in Him, we can live in HIM. And with more Graces, we can let HIM live in us too. Yes! The life 3D glasses are GOD’s Grace and His Holy Spirit.

Ask the Grace from Holy Spirit to make GOD live in our daily life. He is a good GOD. He wants to be our friend in joy and sad. He wants to be our daddy and mommy. He is a good life-in-earth-journey companion.

Let’s put on the Holy Spirit in the eyes of our heart!


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