System Restore

CRG #02

If your computer suddenly crash after installing new software, don’t worry. You have 2 choices. First, you can uninstall it from the safe mode. Second, you can restore it.

I guess you know that PC has ‘System Restore’. As it’s named, it can be used to get the old setting back. Of course you need to make a Restore Point first, like a backup plan. Your PC can save all the setting and programs in your computer at that time. If one day you want to have your computer content and setting like the old one, just run the System Restore. And your computer is back to the condition saved at the Restore Point.

Do you know that we’re created like GOD? If GOD is holy, then we actually are holy too. But this world’s stuffs are making us dirty, pure no more, sinned. But by His mercy, he restored us back to the first state: holy.

We run our system restore whenever we go into the Confession Box. With the absolution by the Priest, we are restored to our first condition: holy. Our sins are erased. We become new, we can feel the true happiness again and burdens are lifted up. We are back to the first condition just as when GOD created us.

So, feeling crash? Check out the System Restore.


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