Human only Deserve Perfect Love


“Look at the world we live today, look at the hurting everywhere.”

People hurt each others, friends hurt each other, couples do, parent-child do, religious do. Every single thing we do, could hurt others although we intense to do good for others.

And sometimes, to hurt people feels good to do. To mock to someone who made a mistake, to laugh at someone’s mistake, to play friend’s heart, all feels good to do, in several second only. Because when we’re hurting others, we’re not only hurt them, but we also make a scratch in our heart.

Fake love

At the beginning, it is called love, but when it comes to using-relationship, this is called lust. The opposite of love is lust. Young adults don’t realize that when they are getting into a relationship without knowing what real love means, they give a fake love to his/her friend.

The pornography also offers fake love. Men who are seeing women’s body may feel that the women are opening all hers to him, but that will never satisfy the man’s heart. Men are taking benefit from the object, woman’s body instead of protecting and sanctifying them. They are hurting themselves with filling their heart with fake love.

Lack of Love

When our heart is lacking of love, the sadness may come, the hope seems lose, the fire is no more, even we could hurt others. Addiction may also come.

Many people lack of love, but only few of them know how to fill it. Some may feed their hunger with earthly joy which never satisfied them. Some may feed their hunger with finding love in wrong way, which turn into a fake love.

The Perfect Love

And there’s no love beside GOD’s love which ever can heal our heart from all hurts and pains. There’s no kind of love like GOD offer to us. HE never has a 90% or 99% love, but GOD always fill and give us 100% perfect love.

Turn to GOD

When your heart demands a true love, a perfect love, come to Him. HE may send Graces and blessings to fill your heart, in other way, HE could give you people who can be HIS extension to send love to you.

It’s only GOD. Why? Because HE is your creator and HE knows the ingredient of your heart: PERFECT LOVE.


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