Serving GOD and Serving Others

It was taken from the theme of 150th anniversary of St. Ursula School in Jakarta. I served in that event with making the booklet with my bestie. Typing and saying that theme again and again, it became planted inside my heart actually. I thank God that I may study in St. Ursula with its motto SERVIAM –I serve-.

Inauguration of the new Prayer Group team

Tonight, September 30th 2009, we had the 6th anniversary Mass of PDKM and also inauguration Mass of the new servants in St. Alfonsus Prayer Group. Hm…. What to say? It’s just a sweet and touching beginning, right? Wanna cry? No. Feel sad? No. Feel happy? No either. Nothing to say. Just congratz for all.

Coz I’m gonna serve Him in every way of my life

Well, my heart keeps saying tonight: For me, it’s just formalities, coz I know, I’m gonna serve Him in every way of my life. Sebenarnya ga ada pelantikkan pelayan baru ato masa jabatan baru or anything, coz I’m gonna serve Him in every way of my life. I don’t know since when I start loving and serving Him.

menjadi penjala manusia

I like the Words of God tonight, ‘menjadi penjala manusia’. It’s written in Luke 5. One of my favorite readings and which became my base motivation when I want to apply to Singapore universities. I used to only focus on the word: ‘bertolaklah ke tempat yang lebih dalam’ and they got lot of fish with Jesus in their boat. And it has gone with the wind since I was rejected there. And I also forget the Words. But tonight, it comes again specifically to the end of the reading: ‘menjadi penjala manusia’. Hm, this reading still lives in my life, but it strikes me that I may stay here in Jakarta to serve in St. Alfonsus Prayer Group, my second family.

Short post. Thanks for all. Pray that I may be faithful like our God is faithful to us.

Monica is processing, loading, walking, searching, trying, feeling, knowing.


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