Avoiding the Fall

Again, this is the TOB for teens assignment. This assignment is:

Write a ‘back to the future’ story. Imagine that you and another person are actually Adam and Eve and living in the Garden of Eden. Then imagine that you know all the information that you know today about the temptation of the devil (the snake), the Fall, and the baggage that comes with original sin. Here’s the catch: You have this knowledge but your spouse doesn’t. and there’s only one week before the Fall takes place. You have a job to do: Avoid the Fall!Write a creative, pure, and humorous message to your spouse in the Garden that pledges your love and simultaneously attempts to avoid the upcoming “FALL.”

Sound great, right? Seru yah! Let’s do this!

Dear Adam (hihi),

Hi, the sexiest man alive in this world (yeah, you’re the only man lived, lol). I’m very happy with the life we’re now going through. I love the beauty of life and this nature we live in that God’s created for us. And I also love the creatures God has made, especially you (weks… haha…). I really enjoy every moment we shared together in the pure love which God put in us.

But you know what, darling. I heard that this pure love and happiness will end next week! I heard them saying: the Fall, the Fall. I don’t know what it is but they said that this will end our happiness. I heard that, after the Fall, there’ll be no pure love and we’ll feel shame. I don’t know what it’s like. They said that we’re living a ‘naked without shame’ life now. And after the Fall, we’ll feel ashamed if we’re naked.

Then I asked more, why we’ll feel ashamed. They replied me that, it’s because the Fall will affect us the weakness of lust. Then, we’ll seeing each other as object of our lust. Lust is the opposite of love. After the Fall, it’ll be hard for us to distinguish love and lust. Well, they also said that it must be very strange for us to understand it now, since we’re looking each other as subject not as object for our self.

And after the Fall, the meaning of sex with change! Sex will not be a true love anymore; sex will not be an original unity anymore. They will have sex to express their lust, but God said that sex is to express the FTFF love (FTFF: Free, Total, Faithful, Fruitful). Sex loses its sacredness and mystery. Sex will be a recreational activity instead of wonderful gift to be cherished.

Oh, sweetheart, I’m afraid to hear that! I don’t want our pure love and original happiness ended. I don’t want our perfect love changed with lie. We need to trust God more. Because I heard that the Fall was caused by our lack of trust in God. It’s because we (you: Adam and I: Eve), choose to serve our own wills than to God’s will. And this is called original sin which will last forever, generation to generation.

The Fall next week, we’ll be started by the snake! You know what, I’ve smelt that the snake was evil. Yesterday, I accidentally heard the snake’s plan. He plans to give me the fruit from the forbidden tree! Which after eating the fruit, we will be sinned against God. But at first he will offer me and told me that God said that we can eat all the fruit in this Garden. Hm… it’s wrong, right? Before we eat the fruit, he’ll convince me that if God had things His way, we would live miserably, but actually it’s vice versa!

Adam, we have to avoid the Fall! Let’s make a plan. Next week, before the D-day, let’s put some pure love poison in the forbidden tree. You know what, devil hates love, more over pure love, haha. I will make a pure love poison which will make the snake fall in love. And your job, Adam, is to find a female snake. So, after closing the tree, the evil snake will become in love and after meeting the female snake, he will fall in love to the female snake, then they’ll live happily under pure love also… hahaha… isn’t it a great plan??? So, the Satan will never turn human race to sin since the forbidden tree is poisoned with pure love also. And I will water the forbidden tree with pure love water, so, anyone who even gets close to the tree will feel love and trust God 100%, so, the Fall will never happen!

Reply my email ASAP. Let me know what you’re thinking about this too, hon.

With full and pure love,



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