#01 PD Santa Ursula

Saturday, 15 March 2008

PD Santa Ursula

Finally, after long time, He made what I had dreamt since I enrolled myself to this school; to have a prayer community at my new senior high school comes true.

Mission has just began, on Thursday, 13 March 2008, Sr. Moekti, Devina_Ponchu, Elle, Yanita, Hanny, Herin, Hana, Yemima, VanYo, and me, ten people, gathered at the third floor hall to begin our Persekutuan Doa, wow. (Unfortunately, we forgot to take a photo.)

Technically, it was a bit a mess, but overall, great. We prayed, sang 2 songs (Terima Kasih Tuhan & Bapa yang Kekal), a little game (Apa kabar? Kita bergembira…), and read His Word. And Sister Moekti shared about her calling as a Nun, so did the other friends told about God’s Works in their life.

In the first meeting, I really could feel the joyful atmosphere. So, every time I remember the first PD at my skul, I was happy to think about it.

I really can feel that Sister was also so excited, through her shares and ideas. Deep inside, I know that she doesn’t want the students in this school to be good in academic lesson only, but also spiritually connected with God.

Sister Moekti was very happy so did the others. And through the questioner I gave, 66.67% want to have this PD twice a week.


At first, I felt tired doing this actually, coz I depended on my own power, not God’s power. And I thought that the PD will only gather once a month just for a few students. Jesus, I knew that I couldn’t do it by myself. All are Your works. It’s Your desire to love your children in this school more and more.

And I still don’t know how it will last, but let God do the rest, coz if He wants, it will be. I’m just doing what He said and whatever He said, I want to be ready to do all His commandments.

All, I surrender to You, coz all are Yours. Amen


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